The Fairmont Area School Board on Tuesday  received a clean audit report from Eide Bailly. A representative of the firm, Blake Bode said there is currently about $9.7 million in the district’s general fund balance, which is made up of two primary sub-funds. One is the unassigned fund balance, or cash flow, which holds $3.7 million. This is equivalent to two full months expenses of running the district. The other $6 million is in assigned fund balances. The full 80 page audit report can be viewed in a few days on the school’s website —

The board accepted the resignation of Jessica Martinez, the district’s community outreach coordinator, effective Oct. 25.

Martinez was hired at the start of last school year to work with new-to-country families and English Language Learner families to help meet the needs of parents and students. She also helped with interpreting and translating, not just for the district but for the community.

Eight candidates were recently interviewed in both Spanish and English. Candidates also were all given a written assignment. Supt. Joe Brown said the district expects to make a decision soon.

The Fairmont Area School Board accepted a donation of $100,000 from CHS,Inc. for the Construction Trades Academy and a new viola, valued at $500, from the Hungry for Music Grant, for the school’s orchestra program.

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