First District Congressman Jim Hagedorn was endorsed during Friday’s First District Republican Party convention. The convention was held remotely via digital technology.


During his convention speech Hagedorn fired up delegates, saying, “In 2018 we made history as one of only two Republican candidates in the nation to take back a Democrat-held U.S. House seat, despite facing an onslaught of personal attacks from radical leftists. We cut through the Democrat’s blue wave and restored conservative leadership in southern Minnesota. We over-performed in 2018 and, working together, we are going to win again in 2020,” Hagedorn said.


Hagedorn restated his commitment to commonsense solutions and traditional values. “I promised to serve in Congress as a conservative reinforcement and partner with President Trump and like-minded colleagues to keep moving America in the right direction. Promise made. Promise kept,” he said.


“Republicans have a great record to run on this election. Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, Republican policies led to the strongest economy in 50 years. Demand was exceptionally strong, with small businesses desperate to recruit workers, and our farmers were beginning to see promising signs with the United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, Phase One with China and other trade deals,” Hagedorn said.


“Under the leadership of President Trump, we have implemented a military and foreign policy of Peace Through Strength, made gains to secure America’s borders, set the blueprint for record economic growth, and defended our inalienable U.S. Constitutional rights, especially the right to keep and bear arms, the right to life and the right to religious freedom,” Hagedorn said.


Hagedorn also thanked the Republican Party of Minnesota and the First District Republican Party for all their hard work to manage all the remote county and congressional district conventions. The Republican State convention will also be held remotely on May 16th.


CD1 Republican Secretary, Aaron Farris, who nominated Hagedorn, stated the following:


“Jim has time and again reflected the views and values of southern Minnesotans. He’s been working hard with President Trump to defend our American way of life. I know Congressmen Hagedorn will continue fighting for southern Minnesotans and our conservative cause during his next term in Congress.


Fillmore County Treasurer, Esther Skaran, who seconded Hagedorn’s nomination, said:


“Jim has already made 44 round trips to and from Congress, held 21 in-person Town Halls, 2 Radio Town Halls, and 2 Tele-Town Halls. When the House is out of session, our Congressman spends his time in southern Minnesota with his constituents. He’s made hundreds of stops across the First District and continues to work tirelessly for our farmers, small businesses and medical care providers.”


During the convention, Hagedorn was also elected to serve as a delegate to the Republican National Convention, scheduled fo be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, August 24-27.