Fairmont, Maple River, and Mankato East High Schools were competing in a track & field meet at Mankato East on Tuesday evening, when during the second event of the meet, all athletes were brought into the gymnasium. They were informed that the meet was being cancelled due to a police presence approximately six blocks east of the school, at Hilltop Lane and Hoffman Road. Spectators were directed to leave as well. All other evening activities at Mankato East High School were also cancelled for the night. All involved are safe and unhurt.

The Mankato police asked residents in the Hilltop Lane/Hoffman Road area to shelter in place about 5:15 p.m. Tuesday due to “shots fired.”

Police were on the scene and had blocked off the road going into Hilltop Lane Apartments and the surrounding area about two blocks east toward East High School. Access to the apartments also was blocked.

Mankato Police and Blue Earth County Sheriffs were on the scene along with a drone and a swat team with an armored truck. The standoff continued for several hours.