The Fairmont City Council heard a presentation from the Fairmont Community Center Committee and eventually voted 3-2 to move ahead with the project.

Fairmont Community Center Committee member Amy Long gave a presentation stating the plan is the result of countless community volunteer hours and that it aligns with the priorities and goals of the 2040 Fairmont Forward Plan. Those goals are to attract a new work force, increase population, spur new businesses, provide new parks and recreational facilities, create a welcoming and inclusive community, and ensure Fairmont is a great place to live.

The council was then presented with two paths. Path one was that the council would choose to honor the commitment of the community center from a December 2019 City Council vote. Those action items include initiating the request for proposals for final dollars, design of building and construction plans, begin establishing agreements for land use and operations with YMCA and FYHA, and begin aggressive fundraising and securing private dollars.

Path two would be for the council to choose to reject the commitment of the community center from December 2019. The consequences presented were that the YMCA would withdraw participation, private donors would withdraw interest in the project, the community center committee would disband and the hockey association would face continual challenges with its current facility and would seek money to update the existing facility or build a new building dedicated to ice.

A motion was made that the city staff could move forward with path one as prepared by the committee. The motion passed after a 3-2 vote, with council members Randy Lubenow, Britney Kawecki and Bruce Peters voting in favor, while Michele Miller and Wayne Hasek cast votes against.