The Fairmont Area School Board at it’s meeting Tuesday approved a resolution for the sale of General Obligation School Building Bonds. The estimated bond amount will be $6.665 million dollars over 18 years with the sale taking place on April 13th. Shelby McQuay, Bond Consultant said the bonds will be eligible for refinancing in 10 years. The bond sale is taking place to fund expansion of the Vocational Education Program.

The Fairmont School Board on Tuesday approved entering a two-year lease agreement with the city of Fairmont to rent an office space for the CER program in the SMEC building. The office space is 1,863 square feet and the district will rent it for a fee of $1,000 each month. The current CER offices in Fairmont Elementary School will be made into orchestra classrooms for elementary students, as the number of students in the program continues to grow. The district will sign a two-year lease with the city of Fairmont. The city council will act on the lease agreement at its next meeting.

The board acted on several resignations,new employments and retirements. Among them Roni Dauer. C E R Director, who has served the district for 47 years. Joice Forster,elementary teacher, who has served the district for 36 years. Heidi Luhmann, elementary teacher, who has served the Fairmont Area and Ceylon school districts for a combined 33 year. Michelle Grotte elementary teacher, who has served the district for 23 years.

The board accepted a donation from Kelly Lopau , who in order to earn her gold reward for Girls Scouts, worked to create an outdoor musical experience for students at Fairmont Elementary. This donation is for the purposed of expanding and improving those experiences. Valued at $300 dollars.