Martin County Commissioners heard from Emergency Management Director Abigail Nesbit on Tuesday during their meeting by video conference. She provided the board with a COVID-19 update.

She said that “ gowns, masks and other personal protective equipment or any other support requested from any of the local city EMS and fire departments have all been given to them from Emergency Management,” she noted. “We’ve been supported by the South Central Healthcare Coalition and the Region 5 Emergency Management Group, along with many other people that are donating to their PPEs to these local places that are responding to the public.”

“The sheriff’s videos that we’re doing daily have been reaching the average of 10,000 to 15,000 views a day, and the public has been taking it very positively, and lot of the comments and questions coming in are usually answered. There’s also now a YouTube page of the same videos the sheriff is recording for those that don’t have Facebook. We’re also sending that video to the local Fairmont channel.”