The Fairmont City Council spent a lengthy amount of time in a closed session Monday to evaluate the job performance of City Administrator Mike Humpal. Councilman Randy Lubenow had pushed to adjust the agenda to include a summary of the evaluation and a resolution immediately after the closed session. Lubenow had asked that the results of Humpal’s evaluation be made public immediately, instead of following the council’s longtime practice of waiting until the next regular meeting. He also wanted to offer a resolution at that time. After the closed session he said “I think we had some good discussions during our evaluation, but I also think we have some issues that we need to work out. That is why I’m asking to table the summary and resolution until next meeting.”

The council during the regular meeting approved a public hearing set for July 8 to gather input from residents about removing from City Code the requirement for the city attorney to attend council meetings.

The council at the start of the meeting heard presentations from the interim Civil City Attorney’s by Chris Hood of the Flaherty & Hood law firm, The Region 9 Development Commission, Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities and the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.

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