A vote to renew a Truman Public School operating levy passed Tuesday. Two questions were on the ballot. The first asked if the levy should be renewed and the second asked for approval of additional levy value.The first vote passed 438-179. The second passed 356-246.

The levy is for $852 per student. Of that amount, voters needed to renew $128. The Legislature allows the district the remaining $724 in local optional revenue. With the passing of the second vote, an additional $204 per pupil will be generated. The levy will be in place for 10 years.

Property taxes will go up slightly with the passing of the referendum. On a house in Truman with a market value of $75,000, property taxes will increase by about $34.

A levy  referendum vote in  the  Blue Earth Area School District was defeated on  Tuesday.  The excess levy referendum received 756 no votes to  721 yes votes.

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