HOMETOWN: Hastings, MN

TV SHOWS: Star Trek (any of them), The Orville, Rick and Morty, Futurama, Archer, Elementary

MOVIES: Looper, Back to the Future (all 3), Titanic, The Princess Bride, The Incredibles, Wreck-It Ralph

APPS: Twitter & TikTok (@imCyFi), Instagram (@cy.fi), Snapchat (reggie.cyfi)

LAST BOOK I READ: probably “Unwind” by Neal Shusterman when i was in high school

FAVE DRINKS: Propel (grape flavor), Dirty Shirley

FAVE MUSIC: Owl City, Grabbitz, Porter Robinson, Madeon, Avicii, Zedd, SOPHIE

PET PEEVES: when people say blatantly inflammatory things just to get a reaction out of someone else. isn’t there enough chaos already?


-I’ve been working in radio on-and-off since i was 14. (Hastings, MN ➡️ Des Moines, IA ➡️ Albert Lea, MN ➡️ Fairmont, MN)

-I’m the oldest of 8 kids, all by the same parents. (I was 20 when my youngest brother was born)

-I grew up on a farm and love driving tractors and combine harvesters

-I make music under the name CyFi (and it’s on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, etc.)

-I spend way too much time on Reddit and Wikipedia

-i purposely have autocapitalization turned off on my phone

-I didn’t figure out i was bi until i was 22

-I can play the 80s arcade game Bosconian for roughly 45 minutes before losing all my lives

-I was held as an infant by a convicted murderer AFTER he did it. (Watch S03E06 of Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen if you like true crime)

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