A Little About Me

I’m a Fairmont native but lived in many locations (WI-CA-WA-CO) before returning to my hometown in 2009. I met JK at a radio station in CA where we both worked.  We’ve never hosted a morning show together before, but we always thought it would be fun. I often get asked how it is to work with your spouse every day. I love it! It’s fun! JK is one of the funniest people I have ever known and can make me laugh like very few can.

Music has been in my blood since I was a kid. Keep in mind, I can’t play any of it, but I love it. I love to sing, as you may have heard, and I apologize if I’m off-key. I just can’t help myself sometimes.

Most of my career has been at radio stations around the country, and now in addition to radio in Fairmont, I also work as a Realtor. It truly is the best of both worlds for me. I love them both!

I’m also very passionate about all things animals, especially my favorite, dogs. Treating your animals well, adopting before shopping, and adopting senior dogs are all topics that are important to me. We have had several fur babies steal our hearts…Lilly (border collie mix), Gracie (yellow lab), Abby (golden retriever) …we adopted them all as senior dogs. And we have our Willow (chow/border collie mix?), who we adopted at 2 years with Abby, and is now a senior. Willow and Abby will be on the 2019 Martin County Humane Society calendar. Our calendar girls!

Other favorites: Spring and Fall, cookies, bodies of water (ocean, lakes, rivers), and gardening.

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