A Little About Myself

This is me. Jen Black. I’m just a girl trying to make sense of it all, one crazy situation at a time, in Southern Minnesota; where I reside with my musician husband and son.

On the weekends you will find me blasting some rockin tunes over the airwaves. (Where you definitely won’t catch me skipping past any Whitesnake songs!) I got my start in radio while I was out one night, enjoying pizza and some cocktails with a friend; and someone that worked at the station said they liked my voice and sassy personality and offered me a job!

I have a nice car that works and is still under warranty and I have never been arrested or had a DUI.

BUT I DO TAKE SELFIES WITH MY CAT! I don’t mean to shout, I just want you to know I do have a little street cred.

Jen Black has been with 106.5 for a little over 2 years and plans to stay forever! 😉

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