City Of Fairmont crews will be making one round through the city to collect leaves this fall.  Pick-up will be based on your location and the schedule shown below.    Leaves should be placed in a windrow on your boulevard, within 5’ of the back of curb.  It is the resident’s responsibility to make sure leaf piles are accessible. Please no bags, sticks, rocks, or other items. Non-conforming or inaccessible leaf piles will NOT be picked up. The schedule will be followed as the weather conditions permit. Please view the section breakdowns below. 



Section 1 – Properties north of Blue Earth Avenue/Lake Avenue 

Section 2 – Properties south of Blue Earth Avenue/Lake Avenue and north of  Lair Road/Cardinal Street 

Section 3 – Properties south of Lair Road/Cardinal Street 




Section 1 – Week of October 31st   

Section 2 – Week of November 7th   

Section 3 – Week of November 14th    


Please have all leaves ready for pick-up by 7 a.m. Monday morning corresponding to your scheduled week.  Also be aware that leaves will be picked up during the entire week so some leaves may not be removed until Friday of that week.  The city encourages everyone to utilize the existing Yard Waste Recycling Site located just west of County Road 39 on Lair Road/100th Street.  Any questions please call City Hall at 238-9461 or visit the City’s website at to view more information on the leaf pickup program.