“This is the time to do something. It’s better to do something even if nothing happens.” The words of advice from Abigail Nesbit, Martin County emergency management director, who addressed the Fairmont City Council at a special meeting Monday.

Mark Sievert, interim city administrator, also weighed in about changes pending at City Hall. Sievert plans to talk with city staff through a series of meetings today and plans to temporarily close City Hall to the public, although phones will still be answered.

City staff still will be available by phone or email, and each department will develop a chain of authority at least three people deep. The airport will have limited access to pilots only.

The council discussed the possibility of canceling its March 23 meeting, but a couple of time-sensitive items are on the agenda. The council decided to curtail its meetings to handle only timely issues and delay other business, if possible.

Nesbit said Martin County does not plan to close any offices at this time. The protective glass installed in the public areas the last few years will help shield county employees from possible contamination from the public, but the possibility of closing is still up in the air.

The lobby of the Law Enforcement Center is closed to the public so people should call (507) 238-4481 if they need non-emergency assistance. Although inmate visitation has been halted, residents of the jail can still contact their loved ones via computer.

Police Chief Mike Hunter reiterated Nesbit’s advise to get information from the CDC and Health Department websites.