TV SHOWS: The Office, Family Guy, Fraiser, Cheers!
MOVIES: The cliché 80s action movies 😉
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LAST BOOK I READ: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban…. In 7th Grade….
FAVE DRINKS: I mean are we talking alcohol?! Because Mad Butcher is amazing! Otherwise, I’m a C4 energy drink kind of guy
FAVE MUSIC: I’m all over the place here… I love 90s pop (which is awesome for when I’m in the studio) but if I need to get work done I love listening to LoFi beats
PET PEEVES: LOUD CHEWERS!! Please keep your mouth closed when you’re eating

Lakes FM Nights Host

1. HUGE Vikings fan, yet I lived in Wisconsin amongst Packer fans for three years
2. I placed third in the 2004 regional spelling bee.
3. I play 7 instruments.
4. I am freakishly good at guitar hero.
5. I am freakishly bad at basketball…. and most other sports
6. I can juggle.
7. I don’t know how to put this but… I’m kind of Big Deal.
8. I have flown a plane.
9. I have ridden in a hot air balloon.
10. I’ve never been outside the U.S.